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[Engineering Manager and Techie Extraordinaire]


About Me

I am a passionate Engineering Manager who holds the belief that teams work best when their managers strive to provide an environment of trust, career development and encouragement to push to one's full potential. I've been successfully leading teams to grow and produce their best results for over 10 years.

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Cyber Security

Keeping security and observability as shift-left and forefront concerns, I've successfully implemented projects that need to adhere to strict compliance standards including SOC 2, HIPAA and PCI.

From hands-on experience with penetration testing tools and remediation to directing teams on managing risk, I have well-rounded knowledge in keeping systems and applications secure.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Managing CI/CD of SaaS solutions to multi-cloud GCP and AWS environments, I have direct experience with AWS WAF, CloudFront, EC2, S3, Google Storage and related services.

With regards to containerization, I have experience with Docker Compose, turning applications into services that are easily scaled up/down.

I have extensive experience with Linux Redhat and Debian-based systems, as well as provisioning tools such as Ansible and AWS CloudFormation.

VoIP / Telecommunications

My team was responsible for the development and operation of a critical voice communications platform that secures over $8M annual recurring revenue. The highly-performant platform manages dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications in real time, handling hundreds of incoming calls per second using Asterisk PBX, Adhearsion, and JRuby.

I have experience with network packet capture analysis for VoIP troubleshooting, optimization and security purposes. I'm well-versed with several VoIP technologies including SIP, RTP, MRCPv2 and WebRTC.

Web Development

Well-versed with Full-stack Ruby, Python and PHP development, I have designed, implemented and maintained several significant e-commerce applications for over 20 years. I have experience with SQL-compliant databases, Redis and NoSQL solutions including ElasticSearch.

On the frontend I have experience involving React, JQuery, SASS as well as many others.

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Northern Virginia, USA
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